Multimodal transport

fotografia transport multimodalny

Specialized transport

Multimodal transport is one of our services in which we are pioneers on the Polish market. A practically and tactically integrated logistics route of several or many different modes of transport is a challenge, but not for experienced logisticians who work for Logis Wind. We offer the development and implementation of full logistics services for non-standard components used in industry as well as for virtually all elements intended for the construction and servicing of wind turbines.


Multimodal transport

Multimodal transport is a specialized form of integrated transport in which goods are moved using different means of transport, such as road, rail, sea, rivers, or air, within one organized logistics system. It is a comprehensive method of moving loads. It enables optimal use of various means of transport in order to: minimize costs, shorten delivery time and increase logistic efficiency.

The main features and advantages of using multimodal transport are:

  • Seamless connectivity between different modes of transport: This system is based on synchronized cooperation between different modes of transport, enabling seamless transfer of goods from one mode of transport to another.
  • Single transport document: In multimodal transport, a single transport document is used, which covers the entire cargo movement route. This makes it easier to manage logistics and track your shipment.
  • Route optimization: Multimodal transport allows you to select the optimal route depending on various factors, such as costs, time, or the nature of the goods. This makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the entire process.
  • Maximum flexibility: Thanks to the ability to quickly transfer cargo from one means of transport to another, this system becomes more flexible and resistant to possible delivery disruptions.
  • Cost reduction: The use of various means of transport in one system allows for the minimization of transport and storage costs, which translates into the competitiveness of the entire logistics process.